Hello, i recently made a visit at the dentist, yey….

However, I’ve been watching some series and i think you should have a look at Forever, it’s about a man being reborn every single time he dies. (He’s Immortal)

good bye!

Funny fact

Not a single fucktard is reading my fucking blog, disappointing if you think of how much blod svett och tårar I’m  putting in  to it.
(Yes I’m  a fecking Swede)

G-OPERAlife on foot

Personal log 2

Yesterday I described the feeling of being invincible, but today isn’t yesterday.
I have been working on a song, more specific a house song and yesterday I had the perfect flow of just everything but not today.
It feels like I’m embarrassed of something  I’ve created and I’m  hinding behind every possible rock i can find.
It feels like a piece is missing from my soul or something equal.
Today I’m  sad. Instead of moving forward, I’ve been tossed backwards.
Instead of ending the day with a smile on my face and a motvation for working even harder I’ll end the day with something I would describe as desucess, I  know that it isn’t  a word  but I  don’t  care.

What i do remember from yesterday is the power deep inside me and that’s the power I’ll be using now, to climb the mountain no matter what.
Tomorrow I’m gonna clean up in my house song and maybe start a fresh one with just the melodies in it. We’ll see.

Despite of all the bad things today it feels like it’s a challenge for me from someone(MORGAN FREEMAN, is that you???!?!?!).
But things like this makes  me wonder,  why now, why  me, why’s the day ruined cause of 1 song? Why a punch in the stomach today when it all went well yesterday?

I think we gotta let things go and try to learn something instead.
Without futher a do, here’s  my experiences of today.
– never ever ever try to master a song when it’s  1/16 done, you just fuck youself over and over.
– never ever ever add stupid  effects like reverbs and stuff like that on the mastertrack, never ever!!
-never start doing some silly shit with automation before something is finished, once again: you’ll get fucked.
– Have a plan and fucking stick to the plan.
– put time on planning your song.
– Find a lead melody  you like and don’t fuck it up.
– A lead melody sounds great in layers, make sure to layer shit properly, and if you don’t  know how to do it, watch fucking youtube (fuck).

And remember: the only person who can fuck you properly is your fucking self. So take advantage of this and masturbate.
See ya’ fucktards.
(A bit mad and angry, but I still got a warm heart)
(I know this post is full of grammarshit and stuff but let me tell you something, I DON’T CARE)

Yours fucking sincerely,


G-OPERAlife on foot

Personal log

Hello, the clock  is 00:12 right now and im about to sleep.
I often dream about how i get successful  and rich and i can also see my house which i’ve build and even designed.
When i think of this, I feel this fire inside me that slightly  comes to life, more and more when i think about it and that has made me believe in that One CAN live your dream, but there’s a hell of an uphill  to get there. But with the strong motivation of just thinking about it and the fire inside me getting warmer, I’ll  soon lift by the heat.
I feel for a short period of time invincible, and that’s  the best feeling I’ve  ever had.
I will not stop living before I’ve achieved my dream.
Never stop fighting for something you should believe in, Yourself.


G-OPERAlife on foot

Life: First speculations about life.

Hello and welcome to the first post in the category “life” which actually is about life.

To get you guys updated, I’ve been home sick for 5 days now and that brings plenty of time thinking. I love cars, hitech electronics and music, and when it comes to cars and electronics, it’s pretty expensive, so what’s my lifegoal/dream? What’s your lifegoal/dream?

Sometimes we forget about how special our life is and we easily waste a lot of time.
It feels like everyone is trying to live their life without actually living it, and by that i mean people doesn’t aim for a goal in life, they just “live in the moment” which is good but you can’t really have an aiming point with that sort of live, everything becomes to blurry.

When I’ve been home I’ve done a lot of thinking of what i would like to become or where i want to be when I’m older and i think this is actually the first step into a better planned life where your dreams can become reality.
Further analysis;
You must find out what you love doing event though it won’t make you rich (don’t forget about our material world), also know what your biggest dream is. My dream is to have a lovely house near the sea and a big garage with some exotic cars, that’s my target with my life right now and the beautiful thing about life is that you’re the one who’s in charge.
So my aim at my dream and where i would love to be isn’t locked, lets just say more focused.
Once you know what makes you happy and what your highest wish or dream is, then comes the part on how to get there.
In my case i need money, sadly a lot of money which have made me looking into creating a company, making apps and stuff like that but also earn money as an musician (and in order to do that, i need to be liked or better said, people need to like what I’m doing).
So the thing that makes me happy is music, but i know there’s a big chance i won’t accomplish my dream (Philosophical thought: Is It better have something fun working towards or having something fun working with??).
After a couple of walks around my kitchen I came to the conclusion where you can actually do both, why not making your own music when you feel for it at the same time your running a small “company”.
That sounds like a plan for me but then another obstacle appeared; Education.
I’m actually stuck with this question, what should i do?

To clarify: I don’t know a bloddy mary about starting your own company and related stuff like that, either do I know how to broadcast my music and make as many as possible hear it.
Instead of trying to be an Einstein and figure it out by sitting on a chair for 12 hours (which of course i knew he didn’t) we can analyze or situation.

In 1.5 Years i will graduate from my gymnasium and after that i can do the following:

– Continue my Education in music on a Music highschool.
– Start up my business and at the same time trying to create som music.
– Learn more about my company and take classes for that so i can continue building it up (haha, pretending I actually have a company LoL).
– Somehow manage to take classes on a music school and at the same time, create/produce music and starting my company (I really do want to start an own company).
– Stay home and become as close to a couchpotato as you can.

This is my alternatives, I have no clue what I will do but luckily, I’ve got 1.5 years left before my graduation so a lot of things can happen!

And now I’m to tired so I’m going to bed now (actually I’m already in the bed, but that doesn’t matter…).

Good Night / Good morning pending on where you live in our wide world.

Your’s Sincerely,


Tech: First upload and review on the Gear 2 !

Hello and welcome to my first tech-upload and my first review of the Gear 2!Gear 2

As we all know, Samsung was early with a smartwatch, and the first was named “Samsung Galaxy Gear”.

Here’s a picture of it.

So, at first it looks really nice, I do like the frame around the screen that gives a solid feeling to it.

At second look I started to find faults, like camera on the band which was in the way pretty much all the time, and the fact that the battery life was nothing to celebrate.


However, They have made a Samsung Galaxy Gearsecond generation called “Gear 2” which Iv’e been testing for quite some time now.
It’s pretty much the same concept as the previous one but the major differences is actually everything, the screen, the camera and they also added an IR-sender!


This watch is IP67 water-classified which means it can take som water without stop working.
The Camera quality is actually quite good compared to the 1st gen camera. It can record videos for 15 seconds and you can afterwards watch them either directly in your watch or in your phone after the video has been automatically being transfered.
You can use the watch to call someone but I don’t recommend that because of the poor speaker quality, you have to have a quite surrounding in order to even hear what the other person is saying.
From my experiences the Batterylife is improved and i would say that Gear Syou can use it for 2 days including having it on sleepmode during night.

Today there’s a new watch out there from Sasmung called the Gear S, which has a curved display and I will make a review of that too if I get the time.

Thansk for Reading,


Cars: First post / upload !

Hello and welcome to my blog and etc.Honda Civic 2014
This is my first post as you can see and you’re probably wondering why you should follow this blog and I will now explain what you’ll get, following me.

I’m a huge car fan, and i will make posts of all sorts of cars such as from the Honda Civic even to the mighty, McLaren P1. I will not only focus on just cars, I’m also going to write about car shows on TV, Youtube carclips and even talk McLaren P1about different car brands. So basically this will be a continues flow of car-madness!


Happy Reading,